Gospel Conversation Mapping

The Gospel itself is the good news of Jesus Christ. For the believer, the Gospel is a story rooted in history. For the skeptic, the gospel is rooted in man’s imagination. Familiarizing someone (especially someone who is NOT CURIOS or barely CURIOUS) with all the parts of the story in Scripture (God’s plan at work through Jesus’ life, miracles, teachings, death, resurrection) doesn’t always make it more believable. But when we can show how the story connects itself to parts of the universal human experience (specifically our longings) in a real way, then the story itself may become more real. Being fluent in the real life implications of the gospel is key to being a gospel conversationalist.  Gospel Conversation Map

What are some different implications of the gospel that you enjoy thinking/talking about? (love, justice, community, healing, etc) Write them in the Gospel Conversation map and use terms unchurched people would understand (sanctification = personal growth?).

Think of one personal story and one biblical story that you can share naturally and comfortably about this implication of the gospel. Are any non-Christians around you already discussing these implications? If so, can you join these conversations and share how your faith informs you on these subjects through both a personal and biblical story?


1.Choose implications of the Gospel that you are already fluent in.

2.Find terms for those implications that a non-Christian would understand (a secular equivalent).

3.Prepare the personal and biblical story you want to share about that implication ahead of time and keep it short and share it often as practice.

4.Ask your listener if there is anything in their life that informs their thoughts on that subject (give them equal time).

5.Make it your goal to identify someone who is CURIOUS (or becoming CURIOUS) instead of insisting on a “take it or leave it” conversion moment.


1.Create your Gospel Conversation Map

2.Select your personal and biblical stories

3.Talk to one person about one implication of the Gospel and share either your personal or biblical story (or both)

4.Gauge your listeners’ interest (0=Not Curious, 10=Extremely Curious)

Gospel Conversation Map Blank

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